So-called ‘conversion therapy’, sometimes referred to as conversion practices, includes all forms of abuse that have the pre-determined intention to change, ‘cure’, or suppress an individual or group of individuals’ sexual or romantic orientation and/or gender identity.

So-called ‘conversion therapy’ can be perpetrated by anyone, in any setting, or any community. It might happen in someone’s own home, someone else’s home, or in a community, religious, or therapeutic space. Conversion practices are not necessarily tied to religion or specific cultures, but in some cases they can be.

This abuse could come from a family member, a community or religious leader, a romantic partner, a therapist or medical practitioner, or another individual in a person’s life.

Even though the name might give the impression that so-called ‘conversion therapy’ only happens in therapy or counselling spaces, that’s not the case. A more accurate term you may have heard is ’conversion practices’.

In some cases of so-called ’conversion therapy’, a person can be made to believe they have asked for or consented to what is happening to them. They may even be told that the only way to live a happy and fulfilled life is to change their sexual or romantic orientation and/or gender identity. However, we can’t choose who we are and we can’t consent to abuse.

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